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Koichi Omori

Koichi Omori, President

The Japan Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics


    I am deeply honored to have been selected to serve as President of the Japan Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (JSLP) for the next three years. In light of the organization's long and illustrious history, my new position comes with weighty responsibility. I pledge to perform my duties with a full commitment to serving the needs of JSLP members while also considering how the organization can bring benefit to patients and make significant social contributions. I humbly ask for your advice and support as I proceed to carry out these aims through the course of my tenure.

    The JSLP was founded in 1956 with the aim to contribute to sustained progress and development in the fields of logopedics and phoniatrics. From an initial membership of 62, through the years the JSLP has grown and developed on the back of the efforts of my predecessors, officers and members, today expanding to a total membership of approximately 1,700. In scope, the JSLP centers on logopedics and phoniatrics but also widely encompasses such closely related areas as higher brain function, deglutition, audito, development, etc. The organization is also involved in diverse aspects of health care and medical science: for example, diagnosis applying imaging, endoscopy and physiological examination; surgical and internal medicine treatments; rehabilitation; development evaluation; education; and basic and clinical research. In Japan especially, as the country copes with the progressive aging of its population, rising calls are heard to secure long and healthy lives that preserve high quality in everyday life; and the JSLP, as an organization dealing with communication-related medicine, is growing in importance as a result.

    In 2015, the JSLP will celebrate its 60th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, special events are being planned for the Congress to be held in Nagoya City, including a retrospective of the achievements of our predecessors, as the organization moves forward toward its next goals.

    The JSLP's two most important tasks are publication of the "Japan Journal of Logopedics and Phoniatrics" and holding of academic conferences. The JSLP journal today, thanks to the diligent efforts of the Editorial Committee, has been significantly enriched in content, and during my tenure I hope to advance its quality further, elevating it to a medical journal that JSLP members and non-members alike will be eager to take in hand and read. The aims in conducting academic conferences are to promote interest in logopedics and phoniatrics in the regions where these events are held, and to make known new academic results throughout Japan and all around the world. My personal commitment is to support those who will oversee the preparation of these conferences, hoping that all JSLP members will be pleased to be part of the JSLP family.

    Regarding committee activities, I have opted for a format whereby JSLP directors will be in charge and carry out operations together with the various committee chairpersons. Under the research funding system introduced by my predecessor Eiji Yumoto, new topics being investigated by young research scholars who have been selected to receive support by the Research Funding Committee are reported through the JSLP. Meanwhile under the aegis of the Seminar Planning Committee, speech-language-hearing therapists and other participants today undertake training at the post-Congress seminars. In conjunction with the Voice Information Committee, I hope to revise the DVD "Video Images of Dysphonia" originally published in 2005. I also hope to improve our provision of information not only to our members but to patients also, and in this respect the Publicity Committee's role will become even more important. The Deglutition Committee and Language Development Committee will pursue activities addressing their respective topics of concern. In addition, owing to social necessity we have launched two new committees: the Ethics Committee and Conflict of Interest Committee. Regarding conflicts of interest, we are asking for reports of such conflicts upon submission of papers for inclusion in the JSLP journal. We call on a broad sweep of writers to submit their writings for publication in the journal, and at the same time we ask for councilors to be subject to peer reviews as well.

    The JSLP is a multidisciplinary organization, its members being drawn from a broad palette of professions including physicians, speech-language-hearing therapists, educators and research scholars. To take optimum advantage of this diversity, we aim to promote joint research concerning medical care and education pertaining to logopedics and phoniatrics by a plurality of professions or facilities. By pooling collective strengths into new medical care and the most advanced medical research, we hope to appeal to young members. Through these activities we hope to increase the number of colleagues involved in logopedics and phoniatrics.

    I ask for your strong support and cooperation toward achieving these goals.